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    Signs of Bathroom Water Damage

    The bathroom may be a place where water is used but it does not mean that it has to be moist all the time or that water damage can occur on it. The San Diego Water Damage Restoration Contractors’ Association says water damage in the bathroom should be addressed immediately to avoid further problems down the road like structural problems, water leaks, as well as mold growth.


    The best bet to arresting water damage early is to be wary of the signs that there is a water damage problem.

    Third-party service ratings website Angie’s List came up with an article that discussed ways to spot water damage issues in one’s bathroom. In the article, they emphasized that water leaks are usually hidden and that homeowners have to probe on darker and narrower areas to check for leaks from time to time.


    “A wall with blistering paint or wallpaper is another sign of bathroom leaks. In most cases, steam from the occasional hot shower shouldn't cause paint or wallpaper to come loose. When water and moisture get between the wall and paint, they eliminate the bond and begin to separate the two, causing the paint to rise from the wall and fall off in pieces. The same goes for wallpaper: The adhesive used to bond the paper to the wall becomes less sticky and the paper begins to come loose.”


    Take a look at the whole article here.


    Finding possible water damage issues


    AARP.org also mentioned about nipping in the bud possible costly repairs around the home. One of the areas discussed in their write-up is the bathroom.

    “Find hidden leaks by wrapping toilet paper around pipes and looking for wet spots. Tighten pipe connections and/or replace faulty pipes. Detect toilet leaks by placing food coloring in the tank. If coloring is in an unused bowl the next morning, the flapper needs replacing. Caulk around faucets, vanities, tub sides and base. Run exhaust fans or open windows during and after showering”

    The rest of the article can be found here.


    The San Diego Water Damage Restoration Contractors’ Association says early detection is key to avoiding water damage issues in the bathroom. Seeking immediate professional restoration services can also be helpful in reducing damage and potential expenses.



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